The Internet is a difficult  source to trust these days. Anyone can get online and post pretty much whatever they want. Identities remain pretty ambiguous and vague. As a result, it’s hard to determine whether or not feedback is clean and unbiased with strings unattached. What makes a true online business guru (because anyone can claim to carry such position)?

This list has been composed based on a number of criteria. These individuals make up an elect group of business associates, who have a proven track record. Not only are they self-made millionaires, but their ideas and strategies also sell. They’re smart and wise in their industries. They’re looking beyond just selling products and services. They know who they are and where they are going. They can see past the tunnel vision. This group of established kings in the online world are leaving a legacy behind and revolutionizing the business world. The new kings and queens to enter the realm of online business are the future.

Without further adieu, here they are.

The New – The Future of Online Business

Experience Mapping wsl 150x150 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?#10 Karen Newman: – The #1 Woman of Online Strategies!    She started in the television industry and became a successful senior executive for many years. However, she found herself drained and entirely too engrossed in her job. She took a step back and decided it was time to start spending more time with the family by working from home.

Over time, she realized that she didn’t need to look further than herself for business opportunities. She discovered that within herself, she already possessed the necessary skills to create the perfect job for her. As a result of this enlightenment, she created “Experience Mapping.”

The process of “experience mapping” helps others to find within themselves the things that keep that person thriving and change the things that are not working. In addition, “experience mapping” allows for individuals to define themselves and truly dissect their past experiences, map them out, and transform their future. Karen has a proven track record to display her sense of empowerment and ingenuity. She has channeled that energy in many directions. Not only does she offer consulting services to other Internet entrepreneurs, but she also has written an e-book, entitled Experience Mapping.

Karen Newman possesses the skills and knowledge to train business professionals in focusing their efforts toward their future goals, as well as teaching them the tools to realign their careers and find the best match.

jonathan5 150x150 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?#9 Jonathan Budd:“True Success Comes From The Satisfaction You Have With Who You Are” This guy is amazingly young for how much success he has found and created thus far in the online business world; however, his wisdom is beyond his years.

Jonathan came into network marketing as a 21-year old, just shy of his college graduation. With his positive attitude, he set forth to succeed in this industry. The first 9 months he struggled and actually failed in his endeavors. This is where his course changed, though. While many of us give up when things get tough, he stuck with it. He refused to give into pessimism and half-heartedness. Instead, he embraced the struggles and endured the challenges and obstacles. Yes, his business turned around and became a multi-million dollar company. However, more than that, he gained priceless experience. Had he not struggled for so long and hit rock bottom, he would not appreciate his measure of success and the heightening of his career.

Aside from Jonathan’s business opportunities today, he also teaches individuals about finding the power within themselves to create whatever they want for the future. He offers coaching and mentoring services, as well as sells a series of CDs to help individuals learn how to reach their highest earning potential and find success.

Jonathan Budd is clearly confident in who he is and he wants to spread his optimism and ambition to others.

Eliot Merk The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?#8 Eliot Merk: Not Old To Business, But New To The Online World Although Eliot Merk has the chance to retire, he has chosen to continue to pursue the business world—this time online. Once a general contractor for 35 years in Hawaii, he left the industry of creating and building beautiful homes to “fuel his passion.”

Eliot Merk and his wife both enjoy flying airplanes and each has his/her license. However, in his late line of work, he found it a challenge to keep up with travel, play, and his hobby. Too much time was spent being tied down to his job.

And so . . . Eliot created his own business opportunity, using a turnkey approach and user-friendly marketing system. Today, he works from home, with zero employees, flexible hours, time to travel, and a 7-figure income to “fuel his passion.”

He invites you to do the same. “What’s your passion,” he asks. Jump on board, and he’ll fly you to your opportunity destination. His success and wisdom will take you milestones from where you currently reside.

ClintCaldwell 150x150 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?#7 Clint Caldwell: Top MLM Review Editor Online Today Clint likes to think of himself as an “everyday Joe” that unlocked the key to online mlm (multi-level marketing). Initially, Clint found himself a success in the brick and mortar industry. He owned and managed a top-notch construction business. However, with the economy at its low and the frustration and backache of running such a complex and even burdensome business, he began to look elsewhere.

He recognized that he needed to make money and he knew he wanted to live comfortably. He also understood that beyond making money today, he needed to secure a financial future. In his current business, he could not do that without working by the sweat of his brow every single day, day-in and day-out.

As a result, Clint began researching other industries. He stumbled upon multi-level marketing and began testing the waters there. What he found was the key to unlock his dreams and secure that financial future he wanted so much. He realized that if he was going to be successful in the direct marketing industry, he would have to utilize tools in the online world.

Today, Clint Caldwell teaches, mentors, and coaches Internet entrepreneurs. He helps others to unlock the key into the mlm industry for themselves and find that financial security. His wealth is a life-long lasting wealth and he offers this same legacy to any “everyday Joe.”

bamoore photo 150x150 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?#6 Brian Moore:Author of Business Success Engineering Brian Moore is closer down the list, because he too has “taken the bull by the horns” and turned his life around. Much of Brian’s career was spent in Corporate America. He lived in his tiny 72-square foot cubicle as a zombie of sorts for 12 hours a day for over 25 years. He worked among some of the brightest people in his industry: the largest semiconductor company in the world. While he found great success here, he observed that he had no quality of life. He punched in his card, went through the motions, and basically, just got by each day.

It wasn’t until he reviewed a picture of himself with his son, standing on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea (10 years earlier), completely glazed over and empty, that he realized he had to get out. No more flirting, no more back and forth, it was time to take action.

He did it. He set out to work from home and become an entrepreneur. No more 12-hour days. He created his work schedule and he created his opportunity. Because he enjoyed working with teams so much, he incorporated that enjoyment and skill into his job. Today, Brian is a team leader, and applies his leadership skills and mentoring to industry leaders in the online world. He teaches people how to have passion about their work and how to invigorate their lives. The driving force behind his motivation and efforts is the potential he sees in every person to succeed, learning new skills, and creating lasting wealth with a brighter future.

The Old – The Established Kings Of The Online World

jay bio pic 150x150 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?#5 Jay Kubassek: This guy is amazing! Really, there is not one thing that puts Jay in this top tier. It’s a culmination of accomplishments. This guy began managing his family’s Canadian farm when he was only 19 years old. Besides just keeping the farm going, he actually did it really well. He began speaking at various agricultural conferences to educate others about his successful techniques.

Today, Jay owns six companies. Some of these include CarbonCopyPRO, a Midas franchise, Aliquot Films, and more. CarbonCopyPRO is an Internet marketing education / mlm company, is valued at over $20 million, and spans 160 countries. His independent film company, Aliquot Films, produces and distributes films with Spike Lee and Abel Ferrera.

As if that’s not enough, Jay is also a professional speaker and trainer, an international real estate developer / investor, and a member of the United States National Elephant Polo team. His polo team has placed high in years past and he’s also participated in professional off-road races as a lead driver.

Pretty much, whatever Jay has worked at, he has achieved. Now, he focuses more energies and efforts into philanthropist efforts with the Name Campaign in Africa, the Children’s Institute For Autism, The Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This guy has earned his place in the Top 5 Online Business Guru’s because of his drive and ambition to achieve whatever he wants. Everything this man does, he does full-throttle. He believes in creating lasting wealth, happiness, and making his dreams a reality. Many, many lessons can be learned from this man’s success and legacy.


Top 3 Online Business / Marketing Consultants


Ryan Nelson 171x300 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?Ryan Nelson:“#1 Business eBook of 2010 – The Search Engine Battles” At 29 Years old this guy is the overall package in the online marketing business world. Not only has he authored the book 127 Ways To Defeat The Search Engine, which hasn’t even been released but has over 10,000 pre-orders, but he has also transformed his home business into a $50,000 / month business model.

Ryan serves as an SEO consultant for other online mlm guru’s Michael Force and Jeff Learner. In addition, he has helped many companies turn their businesses around by his elaborate web designs, optimization of PageRanks, and his strategic marketing campaigns. Aside from that, he has also pulled strings together to create and establish one of the most elite business networks out there, composed of numerous guru’s and business information.

While he mainly focuses his business efforts on search engine optimization, he also possesses the skills to mentor other business professionals and help them to see / recognize their overall vision of their future. Ryan offers deep insight for the companies he works with and employs ingenuity and integrity to the max.

Mr. Nelson has a proven track record with running successful businesses. Like many of the other online guru’s, he has the capacity and talents to work in multiple directions. If you’re looking to pattern your business after someone or acquire good advice and wisdom, seek after Ryan Nelson. He won’t disappoint.

 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?Jeff Learner: Creator of This guy brings a variety of things to the table. While he is the creator of, he has also run multiple franchise units, a number of web-based businesses, an Internet marketing site, and a home-based business. He has experience in real estate, mortgage lending, marketing, and even piano playing.

Currently, Jeff serves on the Executive Committee of Wealthmasters International and teaches other business professionals how to profit from and use the greatest wealth transfer in history to their benefit. His success has earned him a place in the Top 500 Home Business Professionals in the world.

Today, Mr. Learner has become one of the most sought out men on the web, both for training and marketing. Aside from his success, he also has experience with failure. While franchising, he nearly went bankrupt. At that point, he decided to create a better home business opportunity for himself. Because of his failures in the business world, he has gained new wisdom and experience to help him guide others on their way. He knows what works and what doesn’t. He earns his #2 spot, because he carries experience from both ends of the spectrum. Jeff knows how to succeed from a difficult and grueling position.

Michael Force: “The Force Report” Michael Force serves as an industry leader today in the multi-level marketing world. He has authored a series of books, including: Online Business Success: A Guide For Top Earners, 5 Steps For Building An Online Business, and Maximizing The Profits From Your Online Business. In each of these top sellers he shares with the world his recipes for success.

In addition to his success as an author, Michael Force has created numerous “downlines” with thousands of distributors. He’s turned small-scale Internet companies into six and seven figure revenue machines when the economy was down.

Michael Force 240x300 150x150 The Top 10 Online Business Gurus – Who Do I Trust?Michael Force is a recognized speaker on the subjects of financial freedom and the motivating force behind his drive and passion. He teaches individuals about the power of Internet marketing and how to generate qualified leads each month almost effortlessly.

From the Force Report, you can expect to read about viable companies and proven products, as well as exposed companies to stay away from. Also, he offers information about new companies and business opportunities out there. Read about his tips and advice or about the latest news in the direct marketing realm. Michael Force provides a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Rising Stars that should be on the list, but we could only pick 10.


  • Derek Bayer: This guy attains financial success in every business opportunity he becomes a part of, and then, he “pays it forward” by teaching other entrepreneurs about hot to achieve this same financial freedom.



  • Michael Okot: He is a former engineer and teacher, but now works as an Internet marketer and business mentor, sharing his wealth of knowledge, success, passion, and desire to help others create a future of prosperity and fulfillment.



  • Sam Levitz: After personally observing the pain and regret’s of yesterday’s dreams on a man’s face, he committed to living his dream life today. Mr. Levitz is a life coach and mentor, as well as an Internet marketer and business expert.



  • Adele Mostert: This woman has unlocked the key of success in her life and she teaches others about how to attain that same happiness and freedom in their lives.



  • Kerry Lohrman: Content Provider / Content Prose Owner While Kerry possesses the skills, knowledge and articulation of an amazing writer, he also has vision. He has the ability to transform “the big picture” into a reality with his strategy and ability to define brands. He helps individuals he brand consults for by helping them identify who they are, what they’re selling, and what their brand is all about. Businesses come away from working with him with a crystal clear understanding and direction for the future. Also, Kerry excels in his content writing—whether it be a book promotion, sales funnels, special reports, blog entries, autoresponders, SEO articles, landing pages, or any type of Internet marketing content. Guys like this are amazing and their work is priceless and invaluable.



  • Yolanda Padilla: #1 Woman Entrepreneur Online Today After successfully working a 9-to-5 job and failing at an mlm business, Yolanda decided to change her circumstances and create exactly what she wanted in her life. She began working with a serious group of Internet entrepreneurs to learn a life-long set of skills that would teach her the tools to leverage the Internet in her favor. Today, she finds financial freedom through the Internet, lives the life she’s always wanted, and shares her knowledge and wisdom with other entrepreneurs through her coaching services.


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