Does starting your own home business excite you?
What about working for a world class, industry leading cosmetic company? Avon offers top-of-the-line cosmetics, as well as a skincare line, fragrance, hair care, wellness,  gift products, fashion designs, and more. What’s more is that last year’s 3rd quarter earnings report showed $2.6 billion in revenue. Network Marketingnot bad.

Are you interested?

Lets look at Avon’s unique compensation plan. First of all, Avon is a publicly traded mlm. As a result, they pay regular dividends to investors. If you’re looking at selling and distributing Avon’s products, however, that is going to be a little bit different.

Currently, over 5 million independent sales representatives work for Avon. As far as compensation goes, that can be broken down into various tiers or levels. For earnings on retail sales, your percentage goes up, as you sell more. To explain, your percentage on customer sales of $150 will only be 30 percent, where your percentage on $1600 is going to be 50 percent.

Avon offers bonuses for recruiting other distributors and then, you receive a percentage of those sales. Also, the bigger your “mlm downline” the greater potential to earn. After you have recruited enough representatives, you become a part of the Avon Sales Leadership team. As a result, you earn bonuses for the sales of your team members, plus your sales, and then, percentages of each distributor you recruited. You start as a candidate, unit leader, advanced unit leader, executive unit leader, and then senior executive unit leader. With each level accomplished, Avon offers you a higher percentage of bonuses. In addition, when any of the distributors below you start the same thing and create their “downline” you receive more bonuses.

Really, the potential to earn is endless. The kicker is that to get to this point takes a long time. You have to build up your clientele and you have to build up your “downline.” Then, you have to build up their “downlines” and their clientele.

The good thing about working for an mlm company is that you never grow tired of the work. Day in and day out, you are meeting new people, making new contacts, and there is always work to be done. If you’re not working on your personal “downline,” then, you are focused on a team members “downline.” By the end, you have built up a fairly large network of individuals, working together for the same cause.

Again, if you’re looking to begin a beauty business, look no further. Avon may be the right mlm opportunity for you.

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