Thirty-One may be a company that was started by a woman for other women, but their products are for females of all ages to enjoy! Yes, that’s both mothers and daughters, as Thirty-One offers their “hostess” specials and benefits to everyone who loves shopping.

Thirty-One is hip to the times; the company knows that teens of today demand bags and accessories that are unique and can be personalized. Because Thirty-One specializes in a wide assortment of totes, purses, and other types of bags, there is something for everyone in the collection, which is key to success for any hostess.

Consider, for example, Thirty-One’s standard line of bags for everyday use. There’s the East/West Bag, which is a purse that has some extra flair and style. It’s shiny and looks perfect on a date! If that’s too small and you’re in need of something that will help you stay organized, there’s the Thirty-One Organizing Shoulder Bag, which combines a great look with lots of pockets and zippers for storage of everything you need in easy-to-locate sections. And for the perfect accessory for the modern teen, there’s the Thirty-One Wristlet that’s specifically made to hold an iPod. Plus, there’s also a small pocket in it to stash lip gloss. Now talk about a real deal for a teen!

But life isn’t all play. Sometimes you’ve got to work or go to school, and Thirty-One is ready to help in that area, too. They also offer a collection of bags that are built for all things school and college. And what screams books and laptops more than a hip Messenger Bag? This type of bag is great because it’s spacious enough to carry a lot of the different things you need for work or school while also being stylish. That means that messenger bags are not limited to just carrying your school and work items—you can enjoy using them for play, too!

Thirty-One has a ready solution for keeping track of pens and pencils: the Zipper Pouch, which is a perfect way to keep all of your writing utensils in check. They also offer a Mobile Mini Purse for your smallest essentials; this also has a very handy pocket for your ID or driver’s license. The Mini Purse attaches to your large purse, but if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to carry something big, it unclips easily.

What woman doesn’t need to slow down every now and then and have a bite to eat? Thirty-One couldn’t agree more, which is why they offer a special line of Thermal Lunch Totes. These aren’t those blocky plastic lunch boxes from when you were a kid. They’re for the woman of today who demands style, even when she’s having a simple sandwich and iced tea.

Even life’s chores like doing laundry and washing your hair are covered by Thirty-One. The company has accessories for even the most practical uses: Shower Caddies, Flip-Flops, Cosmetic Bags, and even Laundry Bags.

Keep in mind that almost all of these great products can be customized with embroidery, whether it’s your name or a special icon that speaks to your personality. Thirty-One has it all figured out when it comes to gifts for teens.

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