Jewels By Park Lane is a network marketing company out of Schaumburg IL, which specializes in higher-end costume jewelry.

The company was founded by Arthur and Shirley LeVin in 1955, the same year they were married, using network marketing to distribute jewelry designed by Shirley.

Today, Jewels By Park Lane offers more than 400 items spanning the range of traditional jewelry pieces – rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The company is run today by Arthur and Shirley LeVin’s sons.

One potentially troubling aspect of JBPL is that so little information is readily available about the company. Jewels By Park Lane does not publish sales figures or report the number of representatives who are working with the company.

Likewise, the company doesn’t make specific information about its compensation plan and policies and procedures readily available. People who are interested in working with the company must provide their personal information, including a telephone number, to receive any information about JBPL aside from the very general descriptions of the company’s opportunity on the corporate website.

Jewels By Park Lane: Vision, Mission, and Goals

Jewels By Park Lane has not published a vision, mission, or goals statement on the company website as of the time of this review. The company was recently involved in sponsoring a benefit concert for members of the military who had recently died in the country’s war. However, there is no other information about any other charitable activities by JBPL.

Jewels By Park Lane: Company Management

Jewels By Park Lane is currently being managed by the LeVins’ sons Scott, Mark, and Arthur Levin III. There is no other biographical information readily available about the three brothers. Scott LeVin is listed as the CEO of Sales on the front page of JBPL’s catalog, but otherwise there is no information about the other sons’ specific roles within the company.

Jewels By Park Lane: Products and Services

The one thing you can find out about Jewels By Park Lane easily is information about their products. The company offers several lines of jewelry with a price range of approximately $30 to $130.

Those prices are approximate because after surveying the company’s 2010 catalog and both its May and June summer product brochures, we only found actual product prices listed on the June brochure.

Jewels By Park Lane does seem to offer a fairly wide variety of styles, ranging from the simple and unobtrusive to styles that are definitely designed to stand out. The company’s topaz ring, for example, is a study in understated elegance. On the other end of the scale, JBPL’s St. Tropez necklace is 16” and has several strands of pink and gold brilliance.

The company is obviously marketing to women who are 30 and older and who have disposable income to purchase a variety of pieces as accessories.

Two things that stand out about Jewels By Park Lane are the company’s guarantee policy and it’s multi-item discount. The company offers an unconditional replacement guarantee for four months after purchase, with the word “unconditional” rendered in all caps on the company’s online catalog.

The discount program allows customers to purchase one, two, or three of the items in their order for $12 when their overall purchase reaches $30, $60, or $90. This sale feature has probably stood the company in good stead during the recession, as bargain hunters have no doubt been looking for different ways to accessorize old outfits rather than investing in new ones.

Jewels By Park Lane’s Compensation Plan

Jewels By Park Lane doesn’t make any details about its compensation plan, its policies and procedures, and the average earnings of its representatives available. The company does say that representatives earn retail commissions and bonuses for recruiting downline members but does not specify the amounts that are earned.

The company is currently offering the opportunity to earn a starter kit valued at $1,000 for free by helping host a Jewels By Park Lane demonstration party and then paying a total of $39 in application fees and shipping in order to become a representative.

It’s important to note that JBPL will provide more information but only after the interested person gives Jewels By Park Lane her personal contact information including a phone number.

Jewels By Park Lane’s Public Record

Jewels By Park Lane is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business with an A+ rating. The company is not a member of the Direct Selling Association, which sets standards for the network marketing industry.

Unlike a sizable number of the companies reviewed by MLM Files, there is no evidence of any current significant complaints against the company. The only complaint of significance at all is a decade-old lawsuit which was successfully brought against Jewels By Park Lane for failing to follow up on a promise to pay the legal fees and eventual settlement costs for two representatives who had defected from a different network marking company and brought their downlines with them. It’s generally easy to find at least a few disgruntled Internet users who feel a given network marketing company is a scam. There were no such complaints found about Jewels By Park Lane in the first few pages of a Google search.

Miscellaneous Notes About Jewels By Park Lane

On the face of it, Jewels By Park Lane seems to be a solid company that’s offering good value for customers’ money. It’s very rare when reviewing network marketing companies to find few to no complaints against those companies, but that seems to be the case with Jewels By Park Lane.

In addition, the company seems to have a very open Internet marketing policy. A quick scan of JBPL’s representatives’ websites shows a remarkable level of individuality and personalization. This openness, of course, makes it much easier to use the strategies that are necessary to make online marketing a success.

The one thing that’s keeping us from giving a solid recommendation of this company is the lack of information. Without knowing the number of representatives working with JBPL, it’s impossible to tell if the market is close to saturation.

Without even an idea of the level of commissions being paid or the requirements to earn commissions from your downline, it’s impossible to say whether or not getting involved with Jewels By Park Lane is a good deal.

While it is a standard Internet marketing strategy to require an exchange of personal information in order to obtain something from a company, it’s hard to justify requiring that level of information from someone who just wants to know more about a business opportunity. Any company that’s proud of what it has to offer ought to put that information out front not hide it behind a performance-based firewall.

With those caveats in mind, the bottom line is that Jewels By Park Lane may be a very good deal. There are certainly lots of solid signs in favor of the company. But without more information it’s impossible to give this company a solid recommendation.

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  1. stacey scott Says:

    January 12th, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    I’m a director with Park Lane and when my district manager stole jewelry and cash from myself and other people in her down-line and lied about I contacted Park Lane. The 4 of us together called Park Lane over 2 dozen times. We even wrote to Scott Levin & Patti Levin. Not one time did any of us receive a call or an email back. What the company did was have another manager contact us to tell us that the COMPANY would refund our money and merchandise but would not move us under a different manager since that wasn’t their police regardless of what rules and or laws their managers broke.

  2. Anna Williamson Says:

    March 10th, 2012 at 2:06 am

    I considered Park Lane briefly. I bought some jewelry from a local representative. It took forever to get my product. I decided I didn’t like some of the product; life happened and I didn’t get it back within the 90-day window. I received a terse reply from the company stating they received my return but wouldn’t refund the money since the 90-day window had passed. I decided it wasn’t worth the fight, but I would never represent a company who treated their customers so shabbily.

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