… but there is one difference. Kaire is a Canadian-based company.

Here’s a snapshot of Kaire, then we’ll get into the nitty gritty.

Kaire International’s main product is Maritime Prime, a pine bark product for health and nutrition. Kaire sells the product directly to consumers through its network of independent distributors who can profit from selling and building their own sales team. Kaire has a traditional MLM history. This is a family operation, founded by Michael Lightfoot in British Columbia in 1992 and run today by Michael and his wife, Linda Lightfoot. As is typical, Kaire was created by a man with extensive experience in the MLM industry.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into Kaire’s Maritime Prime. Most MLM companies have a “tent pole” product. Kaire’s primary product has a good story built around it and offers benefits that are marketable.

Maritime Prime contains Pycnogenol, which is an extract from the bark of Maritime pine trees found only in France. This product can be taken for those with problems with their heart, those suffering from diabetes, and those with asthma. It’s even used for premenstrual symptoms.

In addition to Maritime Prime and Super Maritime Prime, Kaire International has a wide variety of bone and joint and nutrient support products. Again, Kaire is typical in this instance with an expanding line of products to continue selling.

Kaire International truly is international with operations in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia.

So, how about Kaire International’s opportunity. Kaire has a nice tagline. “Real Company. Real Products. Real People. Unreal Opportunity.” What does that tell you?

As a prospective associate of Kaire, you see the company’s pride on being more than just an MLM opportunity. (Make no mistake, some MLM opportunities truly are a direct-sales firm first and foremost. Products come a distant second.)

At Kaire, as with most MLMs, there are 2 ways to make money. You can buy products at discount and sell them, earning a commission. In addition, you can recruit other sales associates for your downline, as it is called. You get commission off their sales and everyone they recruit.

There is an easy-to-read compensation plan under the opportunity tab on Kaire’s Web site.

But there also are a couple of places Kaire could make itself more appealing to potential sales people.  Well, 3 place actually.

First, there’s no mention that I can see of what it costs to get started. In almost all MLMs, you start as a customer. At least, you buy an initial marketing pack that lets you get started selling and provides some sales material. Some MLMs provide you with a Web site; some charge for it later. Some expect you to inventory and deliver products. Most fulfill orders placed through your Web site. I’m not sure what Kaire provides.

Second, Kaire tells its potential distributors they are in “business for yourself—but not by yourself.” Clearly, that indicates some training and support, but I couldn’t find details.

Finally, most sites really play up the incentives in addition to commissions, such as bonuses and the chance to earn travel or merchandise. There’s very little of that on the Kaire site.

Kaire International has a good MLM story to tell with its Maritime Prime product. A few more details on the opportunity would help Kaire attract

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