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With world stages being flooded by speakers and topic specialists, it comes as no surprise that one of them has managed to get an overwhelming world wide response to his talks. But who is Michael Force that the world seems to stop and listen to him?

As the recession realities hit home and more and more people found themselves having to re evaluate their priorities, the power of positive thinking and actions has come to the foreground again. But surely all of the speakers out there are carrying the same message at present?

The answer is yes, they are, but have any of them walked the road he or she is talking about? This seems to be the key to this very popular speaker, as Michael had to turn his life round as well. He started out as a marine and from that secluded world he was required to find a new footing in life.

Michael Force Marketing

Force Report Who Is Michael Force, That He Makes The World Stop And Listen

Marketing came quite naturally to this multi dynamic personality as he knew that he was just as strong as the team he worked, or in earlier times fought with. Michael thus knows that for one to get ahead in life and work towards success, you should decide to bring another someone else with you to success.

This idea in itself is not new at all, but the way this man shows his willingness to put all others ahead of himself has ignited a flame of well-doing in those also oppressed by their own circumstances. A problem shared is a problem half as bad became a beacon of hope for thousands stuck in their own rut of self-despair.

Michael branched into multi level marketing even though this means of doing marketing proved to be unsuccessful in many cases. What did he do differently then to ensure that his MLM did not follow the same route as the many before?

He strongly believes that his strength lies in the way he treats those in his network of friends, colleagues and business associates. By investing quality time and effort in each of them, they then form a secure link in his chain of networking possibilities.

At any stage of any project, he then knows that he can call on any of the people in his network to come to the foreground. This means that his network is constantly buzzing with activity and all are included.

“The rest can only watch as crowds flock to his talk and in the process add themselves to his ever growing network. What makes this man different is the intensity he puts into any conversation he has.” – Ryan Nelson

Michael soon learned that it is not how long you speak to another person., but with the level of interest of which you listen to them that makes them want to talk to you and eventually enlist into a network. Every person joining the network then feels as if he or she belongs, and in times when people are divided and scattered from their own well known circumstances. Michael Force gave them hope and a sense of belonging again and it is this that makes the difference. You will see this in carbon copy pro and his radio ad.

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  1. Jason B. Says:

    September 25th, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Michael Force is good at what he does… and he might be the best SCAM artist online today.

    I heard he took a lot of money from a service provider and decided to just not pay… for services rendered.

    and this was a lot of money…

    He was a part of the SCAM against WMI.

    He talks about his battle tested military… US MARINE.. HE WAS A COOK.

    Multiple times he tried to make me by Garbage… Automatic Millionaire 100% SCAM…

    He sold me WMI and it was great then one month later said WMI is no longer and had me buy another $10,000 / product.

    Bottom line: Wealth Masters was worth every dime, David Bach anyone with half a brain knows that if you follow his advise for the past 10 years you would be BROKE.

    Watch out for Michael he only sales to make money and he will not help you with your business as he promises.

  2. Tim Power Says:

    September 26th, 2011 at 11:41 am


    This review was written when he was at consultant a Wealth Masters.

    When he jumped shipped he ruined his reputation. Now he sales garbage.

    He totally should have stayed with WMI they have the best business online and the best product-line.

    Check Out The Company That Actually Gave Him A Name: http://WorkingATHome.co/lr?8

  3. Pauly D Says:

    September 27th, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Yeah I have to disagree with Ryan on this post. I heard he worked with Mr. Force when he was at WMI.

    I also heard Ryan did not switch companies when Michael bailed. I think Ryan is your best bet with an online business, but very wrong about Michael Force.

    But I think your right… based on the date Ryan wrote this Michael worked with Wealth Masters. After WMI he went SCAM CITY!

    Ryan might want to update his review.

  4. Woody Says:

    September 27th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Ryan Nelson is AWESOME at what he does. But Michael Force put him in harms way. He worked on a Blog Alliance for BusinessTM.com and Michael Force through out some lies to the community about Ryan and his project. Ryan was oblivious to this for almost 6 months into the project. Now people have called out Ryan on the Blog… Poor Ryan, he gets the fallout from another Michael Force SCAM…

    But we all know the truth, Ryan is legit but caught in a bad situation.

    I don’t know how he keeps this positive review up about this guy. But I know he spends more time helping people than updating his websites.

    Oh Well, Michael Force is over and people are figuring it out… YES I agree when you said Wealth Masters International…. Without a doubt the way to go. Ryan has a new system that is far more superior that Carbon Copy Pro.

    Plus you get to work with the best of the best, Kip Herriage, Michael Hamburger and of course Ryan Nelson…

    This is such a bad ass business that Top Producer Jeremy Miner left lifepath unlimited to join this dream team. So YES RUN AWAY FROM MICHAEL FORCE>>>> Check out http://WorkingAtHome.co/lr?8

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