Lia Sophia MLM Business Overview

Lia Sophia Jewelry1 Lia Sophia Business InformationLia sophia is a family-run jewelry network marketing company out of Wood Dale, Illinois. The company was originally called Act II Jewelry when it was purchased by family patriarch Victor Kiam in 1986. Victor Kiam was most famous for his ownership of the Remington Shaver company, and he named his new jewelry company Lady Remington. Upon Victor’s death, son Tory took over the company and named it after his two daughters.

Victor’s widow, Ellen, remains active with the company, overseeing the Kiam Family Collection. Tory’s wife, Elena, oversees the company’s Red Carpet Collection and directs the company’s relationship with its non-profit partner, Dress for Success.

The company sells a wide range of jewelry products including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Lia sophia is geared toward stylish, upwardly mobile women in their 30s and over. The company does not offer pieces for men.

Lia sophia’s business model is strictly focused on traditional network marketing. Would-be new distributors, called Advisors, can only join the company through existing Advisors. And while the company provides personalized websites to its Advisors for a small fee, Advisors are not allowed to list any site with the lia sophia name with search engines. This severely limits options for lia sophia Advisors to market themselves online.

Lia Sophia & Their Vision

According to the company’s website, the mission of lia sophia is “to connect women to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures.” The company’s mission statement focuses on supporting Advisors in corporate ethics, providing quality products, attaining success, and community involvement through supporting charities.

Lia sophia’s chosen charity is Dress for Success, an international non-profit that supports disadvantaged women by offering appropriate professional attire as well as a network of support and career development tools. Lia sophia supports the charity through proceeds of the sale of a special necklace.

In addition to the company’s charitable efforts, lia sophia has been turning to recycling and environmentally sound packaging in an effort to make their business operations more environmentally sustainable.

Lia Sophia Company Management

Originally known as Act II Jewelry, the company that became known as lia sophia was purchased by renowned entrepreneur Victor Kiam and renamed Lady Remington in the mid-1980s. Victor Kiam was the famous entrepreneur who purchased the Remington shaver company after his wife bought him his first electric shaver.

Former lia sophia owner Victor Kiam was even more famous as the spokesperson for the Remington shaver company. His catch phrase, “I liked it so much, I bought the company!” became internationally recognized when Kiam recorded the phrase in the native language of every country in which Remington was running commercials. Victor Kiam is also known for buying the NFL team the New England Patriots in 1988. However, he lost money on that deal, and the Patriots ended up with current owner Bob Kraft.

Today, the management of lia sophia remains a family affair. Tory Kiam is the company’s current president, with his wife, Elena, and mother-in-law, Ellen, remaining active in company affairs.

Products and Services That Lia Sophia Provides

Lia sophia offers a full line of jewelry products. Styles range from conservative pieces that fit in with most business attire to stunning, fashion-forward pieces.

While the company does not offer fine jewelry – solid silver, gold, or platinum – or many natural stones, lia sophia’s eye for design and quality makes their products a good investment for anyone who is looking primarily for jewelry that will last at a price point that allows them a free hand in accessorizing their wardrobe.

In addition to style, lia sophia is dedicated to quality. The company offers customers an unconditional money back guarantee. This kind of guarantee simply isn’t available from the vast majority of retail jewelry companies.

Lia Sophia Compensation Plan

Lia sophia offers a standard MLM compensation plan consisting of commissions on both retail sales and the sales made by members of an Advisor’s downline. Retail sales commissions range from 30%-40%, with downline commissions running at 10%.

It’s easy to see how this can be a very lucrative commission plan for the right person. Lia sophia’s price points run from approximately $20 to close to $100 on selected pieces. Gather ten women who are already interested in buying jewelry into one room, and per-party sales volumes of about $1000 aren’t hard to imagine. Add the 10% commission of downline members doing similarly well, and a lia sophia Advisor has a good chance of truly profiting from her business.

The company charges $149 for a Starter Kit and it offers the opportunity to earn up to $900 in sample products quickly for achieving a few benchmarks.

Public Record:

Lia sophia is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. As of May 2010, the company had a D+ rating from the BBB under its former name of Act II Jewelry. According to the BBB, the low rating was the result of the company’s failure to respond to 10 complaints, and it “fail[ed] to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.”

The majority of the complaints involved customers being put on hold for “extensive periods of time” and allegations that the company is unresponsive to customers. The BBB had not updated its files on lia sophia since approximately 2007, according to the online record. In addition, the company had closed 125 out of the 135 complaints that had been filed with the BBB in the previous three years.

Given the nature of the specific complaints, it is entirely possible that lia sophia had been experiencing “growing pains” at the time of the BBB report and had not yet sufficiently scaled its business processes to meet the growing demand.

Lia sophia is a member of the Direct Selling Association and adheres to the DSA’s Code of Ethics.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Lia sophia seems like a solid, potentially lucrative MLM opportunity for the right person. The company offers a product that has lasting popularity and a ready market and further gives shoppers access to a wide variety of styles and types of pieces in the comfort of their own homes.

Women don’t have to go from store to store or craft show to craft show to find the jewelry they want to wear and give as gifts. All they need to do is host a lia sophia party or become an Advisor, and a wide range of jewelry is immediately available to them.

On the other hand, lia sophia is not the right MLM opportunity for everyone. Men may not be comfortable representing the company’s product line, which is geared exclusively to women. And with its restrictions on online marketing, lia sophia is not a good company for people who want to rely primarily on the Internet to establish and grow their business.

But if you are passionate about jewelry, love working with people, and aren’t turned off by traditional network marketing strategies and tactics, lia sophia may work for you.

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