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Thirty-One is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in selling a variety of purses, totes, carriers, and other types of bags. Since its creation in 2003, Thirty-One has grown in popularity over its 7-year life, ranking at #33 on MLM Reports’ list of 50 fastest growing MLM companies in the United States.


The company’s founder, Cindy Monroe, established Thirty-One in 2003 because of her desire to leave her white-collar job in corporate America in order to have more time for her family and hobbies.

At the moment, there are an estimated 10,000 Thirty-One consultants at work in the United States, and that number continues to grow with each passing day. The number is steadily increasing, it’s believed, because the current recession has caused the elimination of many traditional office jobs.

Thirty-One’s growing consultant base is also attributed to the practicality and quality of the products being sold as well as the popularity of the home parties that are often hosted.

Thirty One Business Goals

Founder Cindy Monroe established Thirty-One in 2003 when she wanted a change in her professional life. Her corporate career was eating up so much of her life that she had no time for her family and other interests. She wanted to build a career and life that she could control herself.

The following is from Monroe’s profile on the Thirty-One website:

“My busy lifestyle made it so difficult to find time to visit all of those cute little gift boutiques where the really great products are. I decided it was time for working moms, single women, and even grandmothers to get a chance to shop on their terms.

I had a great experience with direct selling and knew of the potential behind owning your own business and prayed diligently about offering something that would help women contribute to their lives financially and the lives of countless others. It is from this passionate resolve that Thirty-One was born.”

The Thirty-One mission statement is as follows: “Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward.” This mission has influenced the company’s workforce of consultants because Thirty-One has a concern above selling purses and totes: empowering women to take control of their own careers, and in turn, their own lives. This is an attitude that reaches throughout the company.

In addition to 10,000 nationwide consultants, Thirty-One also has production facilities in 2 states. Some of the company’s consultants work fulltime at other jobs and join forces with Thirty-One for the fun of it or to earn extra money while others work fulltime at Thirty-One and make important contributions to their families’ income.

Thirty One Company Management

Cindy Monroe is the president of Thirty-One in addition to being its founder. The company currently has its headquarters in Johnstown, Ohio. Monroe brings many years of sales experience from white-collar America to her position at Thirty-One.

Thirty One Products and Services

The company’s product line largely revolves around an assortment of purses, totes, and other kinds of bags for both practical and specialized use.

Thirty-One has a product line that appeals to all ages from children to seniors. They accomplish this by making their basic items in many different styles, colors, patterns, and sizes.

For example, Thirty-One focuses on teenage girls in their “Directions” line, which offers purses for causal use, messenger bags for school, totes for lunches, and small carrying accessories for pens and ID cards. Thirty-One also has a small line of armbands that are designed to carry an iPod, capturing the market appeal of Apple’s portable MP3 players. There’s even a compartment for lip gloss on these iPod holders. All of these bags and accessories come in a variety of colors, from mild to wild. They can also be personalized with embroidery for an extra difference popular with teens.

There is an even greater variety of Thirty-One products available for older customers. There are totes for the beach, bags for browsing the boardwalk, and even small purses designed to not be cumbersome for women on the go. Additionally, there are several different types of bags and accessories for storing things around the house: cleaning gear, games, sewing equipment, sporting goods, picnic meals and snacks, and medical supplies. Additionally there are eco-friendly bags for grocery shopping.

A major selling point of Thirty-One’s products are their affordability and accessibility. Products are available at home parties for customers to look at so they know exactly what they are getting. The company prides itself on the high quality of its products.

Thirty One Compensation Plan

The Thirty-One website doesn’t offer any information about the compensation earned by consultants. Additionally, the Internet yields little information that specifically lays out what earnings are at Thirty-One. In order to learn more, interested people need to either attend a Thirty-One party or reach out to a consultant through the company’s site.

In addition to consultants, there are also hostesses who play a unique role for Thirty-One. They are women who open their homes to host the parties where products are displayed and purchased.

Hostesses who sell between $500 and $749 worth of merchandise will earn 15% of that amount in products in addition to a 10% hostess discount and free shipping. If sales reach $750 to $999 (or more), these percentages increase, based upon the monthly specials.

Public Record

Thirty-One is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. However, there are no apparent complaints against the company.

In fact, it appears quite the opposite. MLM articles and reviews on the Internet speak highly of the organization. One review on states the following:

“Ultimately, your experience may vary but most people will point out that Thirty-One Gifts may prove to be the best opportunity to gain the value of a solid MLM program that delivers on the expectations of those that affiliate with it. So, why not take a closer look at what it has to offer?”

Ryan Nelson Says…

It’s interesting to note that all evidence points to Thirty-One as an MLM company created by women, for women, of women. There are no stats that say one way or the other if there are male consultants, but the company’s website implies that it’s mainly an enterprise composed of women.

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