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Anyone who still harbors doubts about the respectability of network marketing companies need look no further than the Pampered Chef to realize how wrong they are. Founded by a home economics professor in 1980, the company became part of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway group in 2002.

In other words, the most respected investor in the world respects and values Pampered Chef.

Of course, the company has given Buffet and anyone else who cares to take a close look plenty of reason to respect it. Founded in a basement with $3,000 from a life insurance policy, Pampered Chef is now an international company with more than 70,000 Consultants and more than 12 million customers.

That success comes from a quality line of kitchen products for every purpose from indoor and outdoor cooking and baking to serving, free recipes designed to help customers save time and money in the kitchen, and a direct sales force that allows potential customers to work with the products themselves before committing to making a purchase.

Pampered Chef is almost a completely person-to-person network marketing company with the vast majority of sales taking place during cooking shows where consultants demonstrate the product line and allow guests to try the products as well.

Pampered Chef Products

69774816 2 Pampered Chef Recipe Booklets Charlotte Pampered Chef Review: Products & MLM Business ModelIf you need to prepare food, serve food, store food, or have a barbecue, Pampered Chef sells the equipment and supplies to make it happen. The MLM company has literally hundreds of specialty products from high-end pots and pans to attractive serving dishes, utensils, and displays for entertaining.

Prices range from $1 to more than $400. Customers can also purchase gift sets and gift certificates.

However, just like many MLM companies, Pampered Chef is selling much more than cookware products. Pampered Chef is selling a tradition that few people observe today but many would like to—the family meal.

The company is also selling the philosophy that people can eat better while also saving time by cooking at home. According to the company’s vision statement, “We have a vision that someday families all around the world will know the joy and rewards of gathering together in the tradition of family mealtimes.”

To that end, Pampered Chef continually tests new products and recipes to “make cooking quick, easy, and fun.” This is a smart marketing strategy not only because it speaks to customers’ desires for simpler, more family-oriented lives, but it also addresses the real nutritional and cost-cutting needs that families are facing today.

This is why Pampered Chef has taken the additional smart marketing step of offering free recipes along with its products. The company has its own test kitchens where professionals, from chefs to nutritionists, work on creating recipes that are easy to make, inexpensive, and nutritionally sound.

In other words, Pampered Chef doesn’t just sell cookware and tell people they should spend more time in the kitchen and eat meals together. Pampered Chef makes the ideal possible.

Pampered Chef Compensation Plan & Business Model

Pampered Chef’s compensation plan is fairly standard for the industry with consultants earning their income based both on retail sales and on recruiting other consultants.

Sales commissions rise from an initial 20% to 25% up to a potential 31% depending on a consultant’s retail sales and ability to recruit, train, and support new consultants.

The company does not make exorbitant earnings claims. According to Pampered Chef, consultants at various director levels—meaning those who have trained downlines working under them—are earning from $25,000 to more than $275,000 yearly.

At the time of this report, Pampered Chef was offering a special of $155 on its kit for new Consultants.


Pampered Chef is a wildly successful, solid company with a firm commitment to family, corporate responsibility, and philanthropy. Wonderful as the company is, though, it’s not a good fit for everyone who’s in the market for a network marketing opportunity.

For one thing, anyone who wants to succeed as a Pampered Chef consultant needs to have a strong interest in and aptitude for cooking and baking, if not a solid background in cooking for others. The company’s restrictive policies regarding their consultants’ company websites—they’re not allowed to list the sites on search engines—means that the vast majority of your Pampered Chef career would be cooking and encouraging others to cook, too.

Of course, cooking skills alone aren’t enough. To succeed as a Pampered Chef consultant, you’ll also need to be comfortable working with people one-on-one and in groups and enjoy the kind of happy chaos that can result from a kitchen full of guests trying out new things.

Finally, it’s important to note that Pampered Chef consultants have an additional expense, although this one is tax deductible: food. You’ll want to actually try new recipes yourself before taking them into someone’s home, for example, and frequently consultants need to bring the food that they’ll be using during cooking shows.

The bottom line, though, is that Pampered Chef offers a perfect opportunity for the right people. People who enjoy making family meals a reality, who love people, and who enjoy the kitchen themselves will have a lot of fun—as well as have a solid chance at a good income—by choosing Pampered Chef.

Woody says…

Pampered Chef: Do you like to cook? As in, really like to cook?

The Pampered Chef opportunity looks great on the surface. Go to someone’s home, perform like one of those TV chefs, and sit back and watch while the guests clamor to buy your products.

The reality? We’re talking a lot of work here.

Yes, the company’s compensation looks good. It had better. In addition to doing all that cooking, you’re the one who is going to have to buy the food for all of those demonstration parties.

And this company makes sure that you’re going to do that cooking, too, with restrictive Internet policies that make it very difficult for consultants to take any advantage of the many cheap and easy online marketing tools out there.

Before you decide to go with Pampered Chef you’ve got to ask yourself some questions. Do you mind trading your time directly for money? Do you have the business acumen to keep track of the extra spending you’re going to do on food and other Pampered-Chef related expenses so that you can qualify for tax refunds?

Most of all, do you like the idea of working in someone else’s kitchen with several strangers?

If you’ve given a positive answer to all of my questions, go ahead and check out Pampered Chef. Maybe you’ll be the next celebrity chef or something in addition to having a thriving business.

But just like with any other MLM, there’s no guaranteed income with Pampered Chef. So before you put in all that work, make sure you’re ready to deal with a possible failure as well as a stunning success.

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  1. Kari Says:

    January 2nd, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Hey “:Woody”!

    I am unsure of where you get your information, but I have a feeling you are making assumptions about the work and what is required as a Pampered Chef Consultant! I doubt that you have actually experienced being a rep for any of the companies listed, so i dont know how you can give a review for the business opportunities.

    THE TRUTH IS (Coming from an ACTUAL Pampered Chef Consultant of 9 years)

    We do not need to perform like a TV chef… we are actually there to help your group of guests use our tools. The host and consultant decide on a recipe ahead of time and we set up the tools and basically, the consultant reads the recipe to everyone while the guests have the opportunity to use the tools to build it… so, I get paid to read a recipe and explain to people how to use the tools to do it. And my income is on average about $180+ per show… so from leaving my house to getting home… about 3 1/2 hours… so that is about $51 per hour… not bad

    AND ALSO… the host is given a “hospitality bonus from the company to help compensate for groceries… so NO….. PAMPERED CHEF CONSULTANTS DO NOT PURCHSE SUPPLIES FOR THE RECIPES AND NEVER HAVE BEEN REQUIRED TO DO SO… again… not sure where you are getting your info, but you should make sure you have it correct before posting on the internet as a knowledgable review.

    And with any direct sales home business, you do have to be prepared for failure or great success… but that is up to the person doing the work… you get paid for what you do… so if you are sitting back waiting for your busines to happen… you will fail, if you take charge and actually work your business.. success is easy.

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