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The Company

Princess House is a 47-year-old network marketing company out of Taunton, Massachusetts, that sells a full line of products for the home including cookware, dinnerware, and decorations. The company was started by Charlie Collis, reputedly out of an old chicken coop on his property.

Since then the company has been sold to Colgate-Palmolive and then to the private investment group that owns Princess House today. However, the company still has a family feel, and Collis was on hand to celebrate Princess House’s 45th anniversary in 2008.

Princess House reportedly has a sales force of 15,000 “Lifestyle Consultants,” the majority of whom are members of the Spanish-speaking community. While the Princess House website says that the company has consultants in the U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico, the Dunn & Bradstreet site Hoovers claims that Princess House’s reach extends to Canada and Australia as well.

One difficulty in evaluating Princess House is that, as a privately held company, it does not have to publish its financial information. The company does not do so. Nor does it publish its policies and procedures, compensation plan, or Internet policies. The most recent copy of such information is a consultant agreement from 2008 found on a third-party website.

Princess House’s Products

Princess House sells almost anything a person could want to cook with, serve meals or drinks with, or use to decorate her home with. There are 10- and 11-piece cookware sets and specialty cookware pieces like casserole dishes, cookware cleaners, and tea kettles.

You can purchase specialty foods, cutlery, and holiday-themed items from Princess House as well as the crystal for which the company originally became well known.

While Princess House does not give a count of the total number of items it offers, it must be in the neighborhood of 200 to 300. This gives consultants, party hosts, and customers a huge range of products to choose from.

In addition to the products it sells, Princess House also have special products that are only available to successful party hosts. At the time of this review, these items included a glass, stovetop-safe tea pot, beer mugs, and a crystal punch bowl set.

Princess House does not publish the prices of its products online, nor does the company allow customers to make purchases from the company website.

One positive sign about this company is that this reviewer did not see many complaints about the company or its products in a quick search on Google. There was one complaint about the products’ prices, and there were a few, scattered complaints about quality. For a company with an over 40-year history, that seems to be a very solid record.

The Princess House Opportunity and Compensation

Princess House does not publish specifics about its compensation plan. On its website, the company does talk in terms of consultants earning $200, $400, “or more” and has published a chart of what consultants might earn if they host from 1 to 3 Princess House parties a week. One independent site claims that Princess House consultants earn a 25% commission on sales.

There is also no information available on how much consultants earn through recruiting a downline or how those earnings are paid, only that consultants can earn “more” by recruiting new consultants.

And to be clear, Princess House does seem to expect that its products will be sold entirely via demonstration parties and person-to-person. While the company says it provides consultants with their own free websites, this reviewer did not find any consultant sites that seemed designed by the company. In addition, the 2005 copy of the company’s consultant agreement that was available online forbids consultants from selling Princess House products over the Internet.

With no available compensation plan to review and no information available on the average earnings of Princess House consultants, it is impossible to evaluate how lucrative this opportunity may be.

Recommendations for Princess House

One one hand, there is no way to know how lucrative a Princess House business might be for the right person. As with all MLMs, it’s easy to imagine that the earnings are potentially unlimited.

But potential and reality can be two different things. What is clear is that, after more than 40 years in business, Princess House has only 15,000 consultants. The company seems to have an Internet-marketing policy that is way out of step with the realities of modern marketing. And the fact that it makes so little information available does nothing to reassure this reviewer that the investment to become involved in a Princess House business is worth it.

On the other hand, not everyone who gets involved with a network marketing company is doing so in order to replace their current income. Some enjoy their MLM businesses as self-financing hobbies; others love the excuse to get out, meet new people, and socialize. You can earn products even as you sell them with this business, so if you love the Princess House product line, that might make it worth your while.

The bottom line here is that, while Princess House looks like a good business opportunity for someone who won’t be depending on their MLM income for a living, it’s still a wise idea to ask a lot of questions – and get the answers in writing – before investing your time and money in a Princess House business.

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