SoZo, The Company Overview

SoZo was founded in November 2009 by J. Larry Cantrell, Mark Adams, and Bryan Thayer.

SoZo’s product is a nutritional beverage containing the company’s exclusive ingredient, coffeeberry.

The company does not list an address on its website, and it does not appear in Dun & Bradstreet’s database of companies.

SoZo Products

SoZo’s sole product is its SoZo beverage. It exclusively uses the coffeeberry ingredient along with the non-exclusive acai berry and other vitamins and minerals. According to the company’s website, one ounce of SoZo provides as much antioxidants as do 20 fruit and vegetable servings.

SoZo Opportunity and Compensation

SoZo’s compensation plan requires you to build 2 legs to your business. They offer 9 ways to get paid.

Sozo Coffeeberry Functional Beverage.014 002 1 300x225 SoZo ReviewFirst, distributors can earn the 5% difference between the wholesale and retail prices.

Second, a fast-start bonus gives active distributors with at least 200 personal volume a 20% bonus – up to $40 – on the first order made by every rep they personally sponsor. Active distributors with 100 PV can earn a 10% bonus – $20 max – on the first order by every rep they personally sponsor.

Third, a fast-start matching bonus is earned by a distributor with at least 100 personal volume each time one of their personally sponsored distributors earns a fast-start bonus. The fast-start matching bonus is 50% of what the personally sponsored rep earns.

Fourth, the builder bonus kicks in when one of a distributor’s personally sponsored distributors recruits 2 distributors who order product. Distributors with 50 PV earn $10; with 100 PV, $20; with 200 PV, $40.

Fifth, there is a team earnings commission. To qualify, you must have 100 PV, at least 1 personally sponsored and active distributor per leg of your organization, and 500 sales volume on the lesser (weaker) leg. You are paid a 12% commission at the 500 sales volume level ($60) and every 100 sales volume ($12 per 100 sales volume) achieved after that. It is based on weekly sales volume.

Sixth, there is an opportunity to earn more as you climb the ranks. There are 13 levels. They start with Distributor, where all reps start, and go all the way to the Diamond Presidential level, at 100K sales volume per week in the lesser leg – sustained for 4 consecutive weeks – 100 personal volume, and 8 “personal sponsorship tree legs, each with a qualified Director or above.”

Seventh, a leadership check match kicks in at the Ruby Achiever level. It’s a matching bonus on the team earnings of your personally sponsored distributors on a floating percentage.

Eighth, a rank achievement bonus provides a one-time bonus each time a distributor climbs a rank – from $200 at the ruby achiever to $25K at the diamond presidential level.

Ninth, a power leg bonus pays on both legs of a distributor’s business once they become an emerald achiever. It pays on the greater, or stronger, leg – from 1% of the weekly sales volume at the Emerald Achiever to 2% from Ruby Executive and above. The maximum bonus is 25% of the team earnings on your lesser leg.

Sozo 3rd Party Recommendations

SoZo Global is a very new company, less than a year old at the time of this writing. It remains to be seen how they will fare as time wears on.

Their product does have one exclusive ingredient that contains a high level of antioxidants – but so do nutritional supplements and fruits and vegetables.

You will also need to sell – and recruit – heavily before you will make a decent income. The company pushes the “autoship” option as a way to stay qualified and meet your goals.

The health beverage MLM market is not as red hot as it once was. For one thing, there are many players now – and, therefore, fewer takers for each opportunity. Not everyone is a candidate to receive automatic monthly shipments of SoZo for the rest of their lives. Those who are willing are most likely signed up with MonaVie, Acai Plus, or any of the other myriad health beverage products already.

So if you’re going to become a SoZo distributor, get ready to do some hard work and autoship as much as possible!

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  1. Tracy Mowry Says:

    July 15th, 2011 at 12:21 am

    SoZo Global is a great company with experianced leadership and amazing products. The company has introduced two new products including a healthy engergy drink called Ingite and a healthy coffee. SoZo has available all the tools needed to build a successful business. My whole family uses the products and we feel great. This type of business does require work, but it allows you to work building your own dream not someone elses. I love it..

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